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Welcome to Morning Star Herbal Extracts.

We specialize in high-strength, top quality herbal extracts from around the world. We source the top-of-the market extracts used in brands such as Active health ™ but in loose powder form, for significant cost savings. Our high-strength extracts should not be confused with normal vitamins and supplement powders; our stock is only of potent, effective, pure extracts with no filler or admixtures - all products here are lab certified, and the concentration of the active compounds are listed, so you can be guaranteed the exact potency and purity in your product.

As well as high strength herbal extracts, we also have the widest supply of medicinal mushroom extracts available on the internet. All our medicinal mushroom products are high-quality standardized polysaccharide extracts or beta-glucan extracts, and lab certification is available for everything on the site, on request.

All our products are food safe and are often eaten neat, added to foods or mixed with boiling water to make a tea. We offer all of these products hermetically sealed as loose powders; and our Active Health range offers the same high quality extracts in convenient capsule form.

We hope you enjoy looking around the site, and as always, if you have any questions - please don't hesitate to contact us.

- Regards, The Morning Star Herbal Extracts team.